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Bardi Toto – “The Power of Asking” Creating The Life YOU WANT – Not Just a Way of Life….A Revolution

Bardi takes on a limited number of 1 on 1 coaching clients per year through 3-6 Month Coaching Contracts. Apply above for a complimentary Discovery Call to learn more.

Do you have a problem with asking for what you want? Whether it’s asking for help, asking for the money you deserve, the promotion you deserve? Asking to be treated with more respect? Perhaps you don’t have a problem with asking but with receiving or maybe both. Tired of feeling weighed down and settling because you don’t ask? Tell me if any of this sounds familiar. By not asking you are not living the life you deserve spiritually, emotionally or financially.

When You Don’t Ask You Settle. Not asking results in:

Sometimes the unexpected twists and turns of life can throw us into a funk that feels really hard to get out of. THIS is where I come in. I help individuals figure out why they have a problem asking or asking/receiving. I can help you work towards changing the limiting beliefs and thoughts around asking and step into a life of abundance.

We will work together in a thought-provoking and creative process. It’s time to redefine yourself, your vision, and your life. Together, we will:

Bardi Toto – Creating The Life YOU WANT – Together ..... Not Just a Way of Life….A Revolution

Bardi Toto is a NY Times Best Selling Author, Branding Expert and Life Mentor. The Power of Asking Inner Circle Mentoring Program has been exclusively created for men and women who want to Create the Life they deserve.

Bardi Toto  has helped thousands change their self-defeating thinking patterns that have prevented them from Asking for what they deserve in Life and receive.

This signature program created from Best Selling Book “The Power of Asking: Creating All That YOU Deserve” has already empowered thousands of lives. You will learn how The Power of asking can change your life mentally, emotionally and financially . It is NOW that you need to reshape your life into the life you deserve vs. settling for less. The Power of asking is what you need to change your destiny starting today.

After The Power of Asking Inner Circle Mentorship Program  your life will never be the same.

As a loving mom of two boys, Bardi understands the challenges that men and women face to achieve their personal and professional  goals. The Number 1 Problem that hold people back is FEAR. Avoidance = Fear.

98% of the world does not ASK because of fear with expectations.

It’s time for YOU to claim what’s rightfully yours and create an abundant and happy life YOU Deserve!!

Bardi will provide you with proven strategies and tools that will start changing your life Today, Now.

Bardi has used her own strategies to get world renowned recognition from Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Living 808, Good Morning Texas, CNN, and Iheart radio just to name a few. She has gotten the attention on social media by Gary Vaynerchuk, Entertainment Tonight, American Airlines, US Airways, Red Bull, Shari’s Berries Just to name a few.

We Are A Good Match To Work Together If…

We Are A Good Match To Work Together If…

The 90-Minute Power of Asking Clarity Call + Power of Asking Workbook

1 hour 30 minutes @ $195.00
In this 90-minute Clarity Session, we will discuss your current situation and what has been holding you back from Asking and obtaining your desires and goals (your inner blocks). From this call, you will gain clarity and confidence on your next steps and walk away with a strategic action plan that aligns with your goals. And of course, I will help hold you accountable and support you! You will also receive a The Power of Asking Workbook that will help you along your personal development journey before, during, and after our call.

Two 45 min Sessions $297.00

We take Venmo upon request – Upfront Payment
$397 one-time upfront payment

Four 45 min Sessions $597.00

$597 one-time upfront payment
($1000 value – save $250)
We take Venmo upon request – Upfront Payment

Business Virtual Retreat - 3 Days Limited to 20 People March 2023

You will receive The Power of Asking Workbook ($297 Value) — 4 45-minute coaching sessions